For the Love of Horses

Shows the cruelty inflicted in the name of "sport"
Abject cruelty inflicted in the name of “sport”. How proud the rider must be!!

“Sport” implies agreement and co-operation between two or more parties. Equestrian sport is a human pastime and uses horses to seek personal glory. IMO it would be a major step forward for genuine horse care if equestrian sport ceased altogether. Horses by nature are not competitive other than stallions that fight for the mares. This is so that the strongest and fittest perpetuate the species – survival. Our entire ethos concerning horses, ie, what is “normal” is completely misguided and has developed over such a long time as to become “acceptable”. It is an imposition merely to “ride” a horse without it’s consent, let alone have it live in a box, trailered around in another box, expected to perform perfectly on cue and controlled with stress and pain. We need a radical rethink of how we proceed with god’s most beautiful creature. Time to relinquish bits, spurs and shoes. There is no such thing as a champion who cannot encourage a cooperative performance without these torturous aides.

Consensual and cooperative riding. Ears forward, loose rein, no bit, no spurs, no shoes.