National Benzole

Published in bought space in all National papers

In the beginning 1919 – 1929

Palefaced Tommies
in shabby civvies
consoling wives
saving divis

Eyes still filled
with mud from Flanders
disillusioned, work demanders

in the pit
chip the black
bit by bit

Miners’ hands pass solid power
to men of science, researchers dour,
Benzole found in each slab’s womb!
As great a moment as sonic boom?

Benzole mixed with petrol straight
Welcome National!
The blend was great.

New petrol power
from brawn and brain
grown in Britain
a gain again.

The gangling gibbets
sold gallons vast
to drivers thirsty to go fast.

Hurrah for the sign of the mercurial head
The symbol that, in performance, led.

In the 30’s 1930 – 1939

Vintage days
and vintage cars
Hollywood moguls
gorgeous stars

Big band broadcasts
Benny Goodman
Nat Gonella
and Woody Herman

Strawberry jam
and open tourers
Donald Bradman
local brewers

Bentleys first
Bentleys second
Halcyon days
Swastika threatened.

Mr. Morris built for the bosses
Henry J for those with losses
National petrol
led the field
All competitors had to yield

Ethyl and Pratt
What naughty names!
Wooed male drivers
Like desperate dames.

Oodles of others
fought like blazes
but looked at National
with envious gazes.

Great John Cobb
with National fuel
sped for Britain
in Bonneville.

He broke the record
on Utah flats.
Both Eyston and Seagrave
raised their hats.

But out in the lead
National heard
Jackboots, drumbeats
the threatening herd

In the 40’s 1940 – 1949

Petroleum boards
camouflaged tankers
pool petrol
coupon bankers

Farewell young men
come back after
(their lives, so poised
on a lethal rafter)

Petrol by boat
through dangerous waters.
Petrol by road
under guns and mortars
endless years of death and destruction
survival was learned
under instruction.

We propelled our liquid
and some of us fell
but nothing compared
with that military hell
that our young men who left us
saw from the flight’s first bell.

The great God of battle
ended the fray
may the great God of peace
give us peace in our day.

In the 50’s – 1950 – 1959

The legend of Winston
has passed, in the peace
the tools are with Clement
to make us one piece.

Goodbye Mr, Attlee
Enter a Tory
the start (and the stops)
of the 13 year story.

High octane fuels
for higher compression
Super National made
such a dynamic impression.

The motoring market
begins to explode
the petroleum industry
meets the new load,

Mr. Mercury’s face
is given a lift
fully National stations
emerge with the shift.

The new dress is planned
in yellow and blue
with whiter than white
in the background too.

British drivers
build Britain’s prestige
and win all the pots
in world Grand Prixs.
Market arrivals
in peace-time gear
put up their pole signs
everywhere, here
Total and Mobil and Fina and Jet
polish the screens of the motoring set.

In the 60’s : 1960 – 1969

East of Suez, trading gaps
hardly time to take short naps.
Balance of payments, Zurich gnomes
hardly time to see our homes.

Hot computers, cold advisers
Petrol tax and breathalysers
Hong Kong flue and student power
Pop and pot every hour.

Cut-price petrol
now Trade description
ensures the truth
of each inscription.

Good for National
who ply fair trade
bad for those
who false statements made,

Wider range and more octanes
promises National bigger gains,
latest petrol named Economy,
market planners use Autonomy
99 and Super too
just see what engines can really do.

The golden age of Getaway
with guys and gals in svelte array
with freedom granted
pleasure grasped
and National fuel to perform the task.

E type Jags
Italian fastbacks
sun and beaches
thighs in tight slacks
love the metal
love the gal
cherish the spirit
of National.

Exciting times lie ahead
through the green
mind the red
Look for the sign
in yellow and blue
there’s bound to be something
new for you.

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