Passing Thought!

My feeling is this; that heaven and hell are both a breath away depending on how we respond to experience. We don’t have to set ourselves an agenda, helping another person, supporting them is often a path fraught with difficulty, often laced with discomfort or pain, but coming from the highest place, always mirroring the universal principle that nature always conspires in our favour no matter how harsh the lesson. We all start as God/Heaven with no duality. Our separation from the divine principal is fraught with suffering which will continue until the ego is shed, only then will the ecstatic liberation of the spirit be experienced. What makes the full realisation of this difficult is physical self-awareness – ego. Suddenly we are in a place where there are millions of little “Gods” all physical, all different, all on a unique journey, all to one single end, the simple realisation that we are the spirit of god, a spirit with a body that is subjected to external forces almost every second of every day for all of life. An evil act can be the best thing that ever happened and conversely, a good deed can be disastrous. Good or evil are merely judgements, it is the doing that is important, doing from the highest level of consciousness. From that place above ego that transcends profit or personal gain, Intuitive action based on the one lesson that every human comes to learn. Unconditional love, when our ego is quelled by empathy, compassion, forgiveness and the awakening of pure spirit. Within that, perfection and non-duality reside, and once again we will experience harmony with all life.

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