Response From The Heart

Most people need a hero, as is evident here in many of the reactionary responses (to a Facebook post by Caroline Myss). There is no secret to wisdom, we all have it. We just need a catalyst to let it surface. Most people hide their light, never really considering themselves worthy of a “God-like” state of being. And so it eludes them, all their life. Their recourse then is to turn to those who are unafraid to shine and cling to their words and inner greatness as a life-raft. Everything that is going on in the world, all the pain, starvation, killing, cruelty, war, despair, illness, greed all stem from a world of illusion, the illusion of separateness.  All these problems will disappear like smoke in the wind when humans learn to embrace the concept of conscious unity. The oneness of all life. Hope without understanding is just hope. And it will always be just hope. A little like “believing”, will always be just believing, until you learn to trust that inner “knowing”. We are all individual, all unique. We all have something original to offer the world, to make a difference. It is fear of ourselves, our own inner power that makes us ineffective. If we all realised our true strength and wisdom, the sheer power of meditative intention could invoke a fundamental shift of priority for the value of life over personal gain. The New Age or Age of Aquarius as some might call it, is still in process. Yes, there is a breakdown and dissolution of old ways and institutions and some chaos in the world, and this is all part of it. But until we, that is, those of us. the growing numbers, who are committed to love and compassion and issuing that even to our so-called enemies, then hope is all we will have, and global peace and harmony and the value of life will continue to elude us. All that is needed is for us to “become” that radiant inner light and vibrate across the world – together. An unstoppable force of deep and profound collective intention rooted in love. That wonderful “unconditional” love that Eileen Caddy spent her whole life projecting.

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