The Google Idiot-Bot

Our site has been established since 2001.  We have been on the first page of google’s search results for our main keyword since I can’t remember!  Years.  Over those years we have been growing steadily.  We complied with the “Which Webtrader Code of Practice” which shows our age and provides an indication as to our trustworthyness.  We have hundreds of reciprocal links, but in truth this is an area that has been somewhat neglected due to a massive workload on a skeleton staff caused by rapid growth and the need to survive.

The big google algorithm change a few months ago knocked us back to page 3/4, and that combined with the deepening recession has taken it’s toll. All of a sudden the emphasis is on backlinks, that is a link to your site without reciprocation, the ultimate demonstration of popularity (a hopelessly flawed and unfair system which I shall go into further in another blog post).  This being the case the same thing is happening on the web as in the high street. The big corporations are now in prime position because – and correct me if I’m wrong – a piece of paid for internet advertising IS a backlink and they can afford plenty of it.

For our main keyword google now deliver up giant corporations on the first page relegating well-established,  interesting and diverse websites, like ours, almost into oblivion.

Now, instead of attending to my shop and my customers I am writing blogs, keeping up to date with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and endlessly seeking out quality backlinks and reciprocal links to boost our popularity.  It’s a wonder there’s any time left to run the shop!

Apparently, 1000 visitors a day and growing wasn’t enough despite a 70% repeat business rate from extremely satisfied customers and comments to prove it, moreover being chosen by Big Brother, Strictly Dancing, Pop Idol, GMTV and a myriad of Newspapers and magazines to have our products presented for Feature articles.

Google has metamorphesised into a cold-blooded dispassionate machine that supports the strong and crushes the weak.

Google’s pandering to the corporate behemoth, will simply increase their fortune and their monoply.  Just like their counterparts we see in the retail parks outside every town, in every country, in the so-called “civilised world”.  Individuality gone to the wall.

We have become high consumers of low grade goods, feeding a rampant oil industry.  All buying the same overpriced sub-standard products, updating and replacing with new, with not a single thought that it’s actually all our fault because we have become, slothful slaves to convenience.