The Tiny Fellow with a Brain Like Mine

Perhaps this is a rather infra dig opening sentence but I was sitting on the toilet in one of those public pay conveniences – very clean and tidy it was, even had flowers.  It was so quiet.  I was looking down at the floor and spotted this tiny creature walking across in front of my feet.  I mean really tiny!  Any smaller and it would not have been visible to the public eye.  I suddenly felt an urge to try and communicate with it.  Balmy I know, but I thought let’s try.  So I blew, gently.  It stopped walking.  It changed direction about 45 degrees and stood looking.   I blew again.  It then turned another 45 degrees and walked back from whence it came.  Not panicked or anything, just walking at the same pace.  I was a little bit awe-struck!  I thought, this tiny creature has a brain which must be so tiny as to being microscopic, and yet, it has a fully functioning mind, that thinks, feels, reacts and controls all of it’s motor skills.  It even appears to make a  decision and learn.  Perhaps I’ve really flipped!  But I think this is incredible.  I finished my tour of this highly polished public facility careful on my way out not to tread on this little fellow, who appeared to have disappeared!

I stepped out into the warm hazy sunshine, complimenting the kiosk lady on the pretty flowers that graced the interior.  Walking along the street I started to consider the bigger picture.

I realised that actually, in the greater scheme of things,  this tiny fellow and I aren’t that different!  That we are both entirely dependent on our enviroment and we both have a finite existence.  The idea of death seems so utterly final to me.  But life is probably easier for this little fellow because he lives entirely in the present and is not governed by time, he probably has no concept of it.  But I do, and within the realms of time can percieve a past and future.  Probably most of my choices and decisions are the result of this extended vision.

This tiny creature with all the regular motor skills and brain felt the wind blow and made a choice to turn away from it and walk in the other direction. An intuitive response?

Isn’t this in effect, what all the great spiritual masters encourage us to do?  Contemplate and act intuitively? And if I do that, meditate for example, would my choices and decisions always be the right ones?

It is hard to percive a world where there is no time, no future or no past. Direction, desire, aspiration and longing all disappear.   I imagine this kind of existence to be random and chaotic but in actuality it may show itself to be syncronised and ordered.  Like working ants or bees.  Not thinking, just doing.  Not yesterday or tomorrow, but now, always now.  Perhaps this is the only way I can truely co-ordinate with nature, synchronise myself with its bio-diversity.  Save myself and my home.  Perhaps even experience a momentary gimpse or feeling of the ultimate state of perfection.

We are told by some that consciousness is an energy, and if fully awake, can transform and manifest, even communicate without word or sound.  This tiny creature at my feet that has no concept of time and exists only in the “now” made a choice, each time I blew. So perhaps it’s much more simple.  Perhaps pure consciousness is just the ability to make correct choices.  I try to  meditate when a solution or direction  is hard to find.  To stop thinking and become focussed, hopefully to incite a clearer view.  Often I find turning away from my problem draws an answer.  I find it amazing how reason can cloud an issue and obscure even the simplest of solutions.

This tiny creatures world is not so different from mine, his life is just as important, and perhaps he is at a place that I as a human only aspire to.  As preposterous as this may sound, he has something that I don’t.  He is free of thought clouded by emotion, knowledge, experience and judgement.  Every one of these, and combinations thereof can so  influence my choices and decisions as to keep me from ever walking my true path in this life!  Whether it was instinct or intuition, when I blew, he stopped and changed direction.  Just like in real life when a gusty breeze is a sign of a storm to come, when that wind touches my face do I stop and think and dismiss it or do I just turn and hurry home?