Vista Tip To Reduce High Memory Usage

I have a high powered laptop that has 2 gigabytes of RAM and yet, when I  run just two pieces of software I am interrupted by a message saying I am running low on memory and should close some programs before I continue.  Is this Bill Gates’ ideas of a joke!  My old desktop with Windows XP performed ten time better on half the memory.

I actually like Vista despite switching off all the whistles and bells like transparent windows and the side bar.  So, my inevitable search for a solution brought great results, and for those of you that are experiencing similar lack of  memory here’s  a very effective solution.

In a nutshell, the two services behind the massive use of memory are “ReadyBoost” and “SuperFetch”, actually designed to “improve” performance by analysing boot-time disk usage patterns and creating a cache which is used in subsequent system boots.  In other words,  populating memory with what Windows thinks you are likely to use.  This may work if you are consistent in your usage patterns but if not, I have found the system to become very sluggish and low on memory, rendering my normally reliable programmes to become unstable.

These 2 services can be disabled without any ill effects. In fact, I thought I heard a small sigh of relief from my aching machine!  You can disable Windows Search as well if you want but I reinstated it as the first two are the main culprits and I’m always looking for files.  The 3 services together will eat up 70% of your RAM, leaving little for your favourite applications and multi-tasking.

I have around 10 programmes running simultaneously every day and some of the software I use is fairly demanding.  I have to say that this small change had a huge effect. I am experiencing a whole new level of speed and performance from my machine that was clearly drained under the weight of the operating system.

So if you want to try it follow these steps.


First, click Start and type in the box at the bottom “services”. Hit enter after “services” appears in the list. Scroll down the big list to SuperFetch. Right click it and choose “Properties”. On the new screen, under start up type, choose “Disabled”. Scroll through the list to ReadyBoost and Windows Search and repeat.

Your done!