Birds Spotted in Perthshire

Listed here are some of the birds seen in Perthshire, not just by me but other people I know. It started as just a simple list but I decided to expand it so that when clicked, each bird comes up in a small window where you can hear its song. Flight is a freedom that we can only dream about and try to replicate in clumsy and dangerous ways. Most birds are aloof and elusive, like the heron that is particularly hard to get anywhere near. Others are cautiously indifferent to us such as the pied wagtail and the robin. I love them all and do what I can for them during the harsh Winter months. Shelley, my wife, found this interesting list of "groups" of bird types so I'm sharing that with you here. This also opens in a pop up window.

My undying thanks to the RSPB for their wonderful website and all the exhaustive work they do for the protection of birds.